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Grands Boulevards Experimental, 4 star hotel in Paris

Nestled in the heart of Paris, just between the 2nd and the 9th arrondissements, Grands Boulevards Experimental is a serene escape, discreetly tucked away from the bustling Parisian streets. Situated a stone's throw from iconic landmarks like the Opera and the vibrancy of the Marais, our boutique hotel stands as a testament to the city's rich past, erected shortly before the tumultuous French Revolution on the foundations of a secret garden.

Today, down a  long passageway that once held the garden, Grands Boulevards Experimental unfolds. The hotel comes to life as an impressive, elegant building centred at a unique place in Parisian geography. Designed by Dorothée Meilichzon in an iconic 18th-century building, the hotel features a restaurant under an grand glass roof, two cocktail bars, including one on the rooftop and a meeting room.

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Hotel des Grands Boulevards is a sumptuous space featuring 50 bedrooms designed by Dorothée Meilizchon. Inspired by the building’s history, without falling into the cliché Louis XVI style, the interior is a delight for the senses bridging the gap between romanticism & aristocracy with a gentle nod to the mischievous.

Whether planning a cozy weekend escape with friends, a romantic getaway, or attending to business matters, our rooms are a perfect base from which to explore the neighbourhood and enjoy everything Paris has to offer.

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On the ground floor, guests are invited discover our restaurant where the menu, conceived by beloved chef of the new Parisian gastronomic scene Giovanni Passerini revisits the great classics of French-Italian country cooking.

We source the best products served for our guests to enjoy around a landscaped courtyard, featuring a central bar and an expansive glass roof that opens during beautiful weather embracing indoor elegance balanced with an open-air ambience.

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Step into the vibrant ambiance of Grands Boulevards Experimental, a cozy gathering spot with two bars: The Shed and The Shell, providing a stunning backdrop for enjoying expertly crafted cocktails before or after dinner.

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Perched on the top of Grands Boulevards Experimental, our rooftop bar known as The Shed welcomes guests all year round offering a hidden Eden in the center of Paris, the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Situated on the hotel’s highest floor, The Shed provides sweeping views over the Parisian roofs, making it an ideal location for discreet cocktails or evenings spent reconnecting with friends.

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Reminiscent of the iconic shell motif that were popularised in 18th Century France, shells were seen adorning walls and furniture from the period. The hotel boasts an impressive shell in the main hall, which is juxtaposed in the hotel’s cocktail bar. The bar provides a cozy haven ideal for colder months, open from October to April, offering a warm retreat to unwind and savour cocktails. The Shell serves as a perfect escape where elegance meets comfort, making it a favoured gathering spot from late Autumn to early Spring.

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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Paris, Grands Boulevards Experimental is the ideal venue for your next meeting, event, or private gathering. Our beautifully designed spaces reflect the authentic character of the neighbourhood, offering a blend of historical charm and contemporary flair. With the Experimental Group's signature attention to detail and personalised service, we ensure each occasion is not only memorable but distinctly tailored to your needs.

april, 2020
april, 2020
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